Here are a selection of lessons for you to enjoy. Each lesson is just £5 and 30 minutes in duration, designed to short, sharp and punchy! There are minimal age restrictions really (if you can use a computer you're old enough!), but Sean would suggest checking out the difficulty rating of each lesson before reserving your place. Ratings are as follows;

☺ - easy 
☺☺ - a little practice will be required
☺☺☺ - the practice will be worth it!

Lessons can be watched by the whole family too - nice!  Lessons are streamed via the Zoom app. It's really simple to use, and it's FREE! Just click on the word Zoom to register for it. Payment is via PayPal - once you have decided which lessons you want, just go to the timetable and chose a time to enroll. There will be the payment button next to the time you have selected. 

Of course, if you have further questions after your lessons, Sean can be contacted via email or even, the old fashioned way, on the phone! Or even, via Zoom again!

If you would like to keep up to date with future lesson timetable changes, simply subscribe below.

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