Lesson 6

Difficulty Rating;

☺☺☺ - the practice will be worth it!

Ok, so you will learn two effects - one which is a classic of magic using cards (easy to perform). Indeed, this effect is SO STRONG, that Sean often does this in his professional act - the first time he saw this, Sean said it was the BEST CARD TRICK that he had ever seen! WOW!

The other effect uses 4 similar coins and they magically change places in a really visual way (the toughest routine so far...) This is proper EYE CANDY - it really looks like real magic! It'll take some practice before you've got it nice and smooth but when you have, you'll have a little gem that you can perform pretty much at any time - just borrow 4 coins and grab a couple of cards, and away you go....

So, you'll need a pack of cards and 4 similar coins - I'd suggest using four 10 pence pieces.

Of course, if you have further questions after your lessons, Sean can be contacted via email or even, the old fashioned way, on the phone! Or even, via Zoom again!

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