Lesson 5

Difficulty Rating;

☺☺ - a little practice will be required

We are now going to explore the magic of numbers - you will be able to make some magical predictions based on mathematical principles. One of the effects you will learn, is an absolute beaut using a borrowed iPhone - this one will get SCREAMS, I guarantee it! Indeed, Sean actually released this effect a few years ago for magicians, and a well know magician actually performed it on TV.... Wanna find out who.... then book on!

Although there is no actual sleight-of-hand involved here, you will need to remember a few sequences (hence the ☺☺) so do bring along a pad of paper, a pen, maybe a calculator and if you can get an iPhone that would be brill.

Of course, if you have further questions after your lessons, Sean can be contacted via email or even, the old fashioned way, on the phone! Or even, via Zoom again!

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