Lesson 3

Difficulty Rating;

☺☺ - a little practice will be required

So now we move away from cards and venture into some coin magic. This will be your first adventure into learning some sleight-of-hand, but you will be taught how to make a coin

• vanish (both whilst seated and from a standing position)
• appear in your closed hand
• change into a different coin

The great thing about coin magic is that you do it anytime really - just borrow a coin and away you go! Coin magic is usually fast, punchy and very magical - you're gonna love this lesson!!!

Bring along a selection of coins - 10p, 2p, 50p, £2 are ideal - the other coins are a little too small. 

Of course, if you have further questions after your lessons, Sean can be contacted via email or even, the old fashioned way, on the phone! Or even, via Zoom again!

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