Lesson 1

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☺ - easy 

This lesson will get you started! A couple (maybe more) of self-working card tricks that you will be able to perform straight away! Having said that, although they are simple to perform, what makes them appear truly magical is your presentation so you still need to practice.

In this FREE LESSON, you will learn THREE fun card tricks. The first effect, will a cool prediction (it seems so fair, it's CRAZY). The second, involves Kings and Queens and packs a BIG surprise. And the final effect is the one that got Sean started on his magical journey - a trick he learnt whilst on holiday in Jersey from a boy called Vaughan... Happy memories.

So all you need to bring is a pack of cards. Simple.

Of course, if you have further questions after your lessons, Sean can be contacted via email or even, the old fashioned way, on the phone! Or even, via Zoom again!

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